Traditional Healingart

Herzlich willkommen! Welcome!

Nächste Ausstellung meiner Werke/Next exibition of my work:

in Miesbach 20./21, April 2024 – 11-18 Uhr

Matinee am Sa.20.April um 14Uhr

Alte Pizzeria, ggü. dem Bahnhof
Michael-Schreiber-Weg 2 · 83666 Waakirchen-Schaftlach

As an artist, I am constantly immersed in the act of transformation. My medium of choice, acrylic painting, serves as a catalyst for my exploration of the human experience. Through my work, I seek to heal and release the old and to create space for the new to manifest.

My inspiration stems from the rich cultural and mythological history of our planet. I am drawn to the archetypal stories that have shaped our existence and continue to shape our present. Through a bold and vibrant use of color, I let them appear on the canvas.

My journey as an artist is a journey through the depths of our collective psyche. I invite viewers to join me on this expedition. Through my art, I hope to spark a sense of wonder and awe towards the mystery and magic of life on Earth.